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ADDED FULFILLMENT offers high quality E-Commerce delivery solutions at competitive pricing with strong customer experience.


ADDED FULFILLMENT provides high quality fulfilment solutions for B2B and B2C customers.

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ADDED FULFILLMENT offers professional e-fulfilment service for webshops, helping companies to gain more focus on their core activities.

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About Added Fulfillment

Added fulfillment was founded to address a range of urgent and immediate logistic needs in the market. Our employees’ health, safety and job satisfaction & security are key elements of our strategy. By adopting a pro-active basic approach that is as flexible as possible and by remaining open to innovative developments, we shall continue to offer our clients value for their money. In all our activities, we shall respect the environment and endeavor to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.


Our team of logistic industry veterans have identified which services and solutions are hardest to come by and founded Added Fulfillment to close the gap in the market.

We offer our clients an extensive range of value-added logistic options. Whether its repacking goods, kit assembly, inserts (such as flyers, user instructions e.g.) or umbrella services such as remote local presence, these are just a few of the examples of services we deliver to our customers.

Added Fulfillment also leverages a best-in-class software suite of logistic solutions, which allows for simple management such as FIFO and LIFO, but also full Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities like tracking and managing goods with a specific sell-by date e.g., Logistic capabilities need to go way beyond a correct invoice, reliable storage, and correct deliveries, although that often proves enough of a challenge in real life. Our clients can rest assured that both the basics and highly advanced requirements can and will be handled as part of the range of services offered by Added Fulfillment. If so desired, even simple production and assembly can be digitally managed and delivered as per clients’ needs.

Our Fulfillment Services

Wrapping, packaging, re-packaging or bundling

Wares usually arrive at warehouses in bulk. This can mean several boxes, a pallet, or even a container. Since the products are rarely sold wholesale, we must package (or re-package) them accordingly. We have all the necessary facilities in the warehouse to package or re-package your products, saving cost and time in your process. A few examples of our packaging options are standard packaging, labeling, sealing, sleeve packaging, and cellophane packaging.


Promotional packaging or re-branding are also a part of our services. This service is becoming very popular among our clients. Promotional packaging gives you the opportunity to put your brand’s personal touch with a promotional label e.g., before sending it out. Re-branding can be especially interesting to our partners from outside Europe, who need their product packaging to be adapted for international markets. We receive the product in bulk from the factory and re-package it according to your instructions, resulting in improved brand image and recognition.

Transport management

European transport network, groupage transport, LTL (less then trailor load), FTL full trailer load), container tracking, document management (export), parcel, planning, track & trace, last mile.

Labeling or pricing


Quality Control


Invoicing and payment

Fiscal representation

Order management

Assembly & Light manufacturing

Batch number and serial number management

De-stress logistic processes for 3PL and 4PL

Bonded and non-bonded warehousing

Outsourced customer services (various languages)

Logistics control tower, especially to add a local voice in communications towards customers

Remote warehouse management for drop shipments

Carrier Integration

Custom activities

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Transforming your logistics to be fully digitized and managed by state-of-the art software from the industry is really a no-brainer. Deep insights, full control, mandated step-by-step processes to prevent errors; the list of immediate benefits too long to get into here. Let it suffice to say you can leverage our digital solutions to make all critical information for your business visible, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI), strategically desired stock levels, inventory status at any level and visualizations. All these digital insights wil be created as per the client’s requirements and wishes.

From our experience, customers who optimize the use of our software capabilities immediately benefit from lower stock holding and higher performance overall. Together, we can tackle all the important questions as your business grows. How many products do you need? How much space? Where is product A stored? Can you access and retrieve it quick enough to not disrupt the delivery process? In short, digitization in the logistics field help you reduce costs, optimize the handling speed, and minimize all types of errors.

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

Added Fulfillment puts you in control of the inbound and outbound logistics process to ensure the ultimate control over your inventory management. Our automated inbound process goes beyond simply receiving and putting away incoming products. We check received goods for damage and defects, palletize or move to assigned bin locations etc. Inbounding also includes registration of serial numbers, staging and strict quarantine procedures if needed, just to name a few of the additional features available. Our outbound process ensures fast, efficient and reliable shipment preparation.

This includes picking, packing, staging, checking and loading. Each step is documented and guided digitally, allowing for real-time insight into our transport management and warehouse management system.

Order Picking

Order picking is inextricably connected to warehouse management. When collecting orders, the workers use handheld scanners to scan the barcodes on the products. The code on the packing slip provides the exact location of the product. Afterward, the system is automatically updated to reflect the new situation.


The barcodes or tags on the products provide a confirmation to ensure the right products are being picked and the inventory stays updated. Our capabilities also reach beyond bar-code scanning for picking. For example, we have headsets for voice-guided warehousing and order picking (“voice picking”). The worker is guided through an audio system to the precise storage location and confirms picking instructions by voice commands.


Order picking technology is developing fast, and the process can now be done with automated assistance. An automated storage and order picking system are known as Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS). We also have sophisticated technological solutions to implement this process. In every desired scenario, mistakes are unlikely because most of the work is done by the software.

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